Dunlluns and Chulhus



What’s Plast Pre-Cut?

Plast Pre-Cut is a system of pre-cut sceneries in foamed PVC sheets developed by Plast Craft Games. Due to its features, foamed PVC is ideal for your wargame sceneries and models. This material is light, resistant and cheap, much better than other materials commonly used in models and sceneries, like foam-core board or plywood.

With Plast Pre-Cut you will assemble your sceneries in a fast and easy way. PVC sheets are water-resistant and can be easily carved, cut and drilled without using complex tools. As PVC can be glued with instant adhesive, Plast Pre-Cut is the fastest way to assemble your sceneries.

Painting your sceneries had never been so easy. PVC sheets can be painted with acrylic paint and the use of a primer is not necessary. 

3 pasos para montar maqueta plast-pre-cut