Xi Liang and Chi

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EXO Character Expansion Set.

In the cavities of Tibet there is an area where the traditions of the Shaolin nuns of the Yongtai Monastery are followed. Young girls go there to receive Shaolin training although centuries have changed their customs and needs, adapting them to the new times and dangers. This is the case of Xi Liang, an orphan girl, who has been passionate about kung-fu as far back as she could remember.

Xi’Liang is accompanied by Chi, his guiding and protective animal.

This expansion of EXO: Mankind Reborn, in addition to including the two pre-assembled plastic miniatures with the highest quality, Plast Craft Games quality seal, incorporates 2 double-sided character cards, and 1 reference card with the skills.

  • Xi’Liang miniature
  • Chi miniature
  • 2 Character cards
  • 1 Reference card