Since we receive many requests from clubs and associations for sponsoring their events and tournaments, please take this as a guide in order to count on us as sponsor.

I. Scope

We are open to sponsoring any kind of wargames tournament or event related to our scenery ranges.

II. How do we contribute

Our contribution to a tournament/event works as follows:

  1. Prizes: This is the main reason for looking for sponsorship. This will be determined by the number of tournament attendees:
    • [min. 18 - max. 30 attendees]: Prizes worth € 40,00 / *goodies for swag bag.
    • [min. 30 - max. 60 attendees]: Prizes worth € 60,00 / *goodies for swag bag.

 *Goodies for swag bag: One flyer per attendee with a discount voucher (I.e.: 60 attendees – 59 vouchers with a 10% off, 1 voucher with a 15% off) to redeem at our online shop.

  1. Advertising: As sponsors we will be posting info about the event in our Social Media. We will also be posting a chronicle of the event with pictures of the prizes awards/raffle. All this information and pictures will be provided by the Tournament Event organizer.
  1. Award distribution: This is up to the event organizer who will decide whether distributing the prizes among the winners or among all the attendees.
  1. Discounts for organizers: If you are interesed in showcasing our products (i.e. mounting a table of thematic scenery of one of our ranges.) this will be an intereseting point for you as we offer notable discounts for the tournamet organizers.

III. Requirements and Obligations

Deberás realizar tu solicitud de patrocinio a través del formulario: Contácta con nosotros, eligiendo como asunto - Patrocinio. La información mínima requerida que se debe facilitar es la siguiente:

  • Event/Tournament name

  • Date and place

  • Number of attendees (min. & máx.)

  • Contact details of the event organizer (shipping address and tel. number).

PLAST CRAFT GAMES S. L. name, website and logo shall appear as sponsor in any advertising made by the organizer and in any activity made before, during and after the event.

PLAST CRAFT GAMES S. L. will provide the organizer with the logo in high resolution for responsible use in social networks.

IV. Limitations

Plast Craft Games S.L. has an annual maximum limit of contributions for sponsorship. The company reserves the right to sponsor events that are of its interest once this limit has been exceeded.