Texturing a Kensei Movement Tray

Kensei Movement Trays are helpful in order to move grouped units through a gaming table. They are easy to assemble. Each one has just three different pieces, which have to be assembled following the instructions provided in the set.

Once a Movement Tray is assembled,it is fully functional and you won't need anything else to use it in a Kensei game. However, the quality of the foamed PVC, with which they are made, will easily let you texture their surface in order to stand out them.

In this tutorial we will explain in 3 easy steps how to texture the PVC surface to achieve a wooden look.

Tools and materials needed:

- A punch or a carver.

- Kensei Movement Trays plast pre-cut set.


1- Mark the divisions between planks:

If you look at the sample picture provided in the set, you will notice that we only textured the Movement Tray frame. We have chosen a planked design. First of all we will mark the joints between the different planks. You should push the sharpen edge of the carver over the frame surface to obtain straight lines. At this point, a ruler will be helpful in order to get the same distance between divisions.

mv-tray planks

Don't forget to mark the clan emblem piece to achieve an uniform shape.


2- Nail marks.

Push the tip of the carver over the surface and turn it in order to mark two holes at the end of each plank.


marcas fin

3- Wood veins:

Drag the tip of the carver over the surface to obtain irregular stripes across each plank. At this point the pressure should be lighter the one used for marking the plank joints. By doing so the wood veins will be less deep.

vetas madera


As you would have noticed following this tutorial, it is very easy to texture the foamed PVC surface, getting a quality finish and a unique scenery element. Also, a textured surface will make the paint job easier.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? If you follow it, please send us some pictures of your unique Movement Trays ;)