Consortium House-pod

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"Turku is one of those places you would never want to end up with. Hideout for scoundrels and junkers, this spaceport, formerly property of the Consortium is no more than the shadow of what once was. If it were not for the durability of its structures, the arid climate and the wars would have made this place a dumping ground. "

"The Consortium architects devised these small house-pods designed to house mono-parental families due to the high recruitment demand of the Consortium Protectorate for their army. These cubicles were suitable for all types of surfaces and populated the geography of the planets under the command of the Consortium. Equipped with autonomous generators, these maintained stable temperatures in the interior, regardless of the atmospheric conditions of the exterior. "


PVC foam, MDF.

Width: 11.3cm / 4.5in
Height: 7.3cm / 2.9in
Length: 10.8cm / 4.3in

This terrain piece is designed for 28-32mm scale wargames of futuristic aesthetics. In combination with other elements from this range, these can represent a spaceport or a colonization base.

Consortium House-pod includes a set of individual pre-colored pieces. Some of the pieces come in a PVC/MDF sheet and you will need to cut the connections that fix them to the PVC sheet with an X-acto knife.

Assemble the different parts using by following the assembly instructions that can be found on following link:

The use of cyanoacrylate glue or a similar one is recommended to assemble the model.

This model comes pre-colored.

This product is delivered unassembled.

Any models shown in the photos are for scale only and not included.

All miniatures shown are from Star Wars™: Legion, © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.