Moths Expansion pack

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Dare to face the fearsome hawk moth and its caterpillar spawns.

“As the bug climbed, it left a greenish drool that looked like it burned the upper layers of the trunk. Kaindra looked up, and saw how one of those giant caterpillars was weaving a cocoon over their heads, next to more than a dozen cocoons. She touched Claire's shoulder lightly, looked at her, and seeing her rapt face, quickly looked upwards:

            - Metamorphosis. - Claire whispered.”

Fear the poisonous caterpillars and behold the hawk-moth!

With this expansion pack you will have the chance to face one of the deadliest types of bugs in the world of EXO: Mankind Reborn.

This pack contains:

  • 12 bug cards
  • 10 larva tokens
  • 1 Alpha hawk moth miniature
  • 4 caterpillar miniatures


In order to play this expansion pack you need EXO: Mankind Reborn board game.


Models are supplied unpainted.