Jane and Snowmane

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EXO Character expansion Set

Jane learnt the trapping tricks form her father. So he did from his… and we could continue going up in generations to long before the cataclysms. Inuit tribes always dealt with a harsh weather and adverse conditions, and they have always survived.

Malik, cavity CV-27 chieftain was in charge of instructing her during the last year. He already knew about the important role she would have in the future, as he was the only one to know the mission she was about to embark along with colleagues from other cavities. In the months that remained for her departure he trained her in the use of the bow on the back of an animal. Thus came the day on which to let her know about the news:

"You are a strong, hard woman, worthy heiress of your ancestors. It is time, mount on Snowmane and follow the directions on this map." These brief indications were enough, Jane had always been cautious, obedient and, above all, respectful to her elders.

This expert trapper is accompanied by Snowmane, her faithful reindeer, who carries all her gear and traps.

This expansion of EXO: Mankind Reborn, in addition to including the two pre-assembled plastic miniatures with the highest quality, Plast Craft Games quality seal, incorporates 2 double-sided character cards, and 1 reference card with the skills.

  • Jane miniature
  • Snowmane miniature
  • 2 Character cards
  • 1 Reference card