Old Shire Fences

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"Blackfall village is located between the Twin Mountains of Verenor. This valley is a prosperous place where the inhabitants of Blackfall live unaware of the wars that are fought beyond the mountains, in the kingdom of Faeron.

Sometimes, a simple fence does not have to be made with wood and stones, so even a wheel can serve to mark the boundaries of the village!"


PVC foam, HDF.

2x Fences
Height: 6.0cm / 2.4in
Lenght: 32.5cm / 12.8in

These pieces of scenery are designed for fantasy aesthetics wargames at a scale of 28-30mm.

These models can be used as a single piece of scenery or as part of set: The Blackfall village.

The Old Shire Fences come in a pack that includes a set of individual pre-colored pieces. Some of the pieces come in a PVC sheet and you will need to cut the connections that fix them to the PVC sheet with an X-acto knife.

Assemble the different parts using by following the assembly instructions that can be found on following link: https://plastcraftg.com/pages/assembly-instructions

The use of cyanoacrylate glue or a similar one is recommended to assemble the model.

This model comes pre-colored.

This product is delivered unassembled.
It does not include any miniatures.

Miniature shown in picture is for scale purposes only.

All miniatures from Nemesis are © Zenit Miniatures 2017. Zenit Miniatures is © 2017 Daniel Jesus Pro Gil. All Rights Reserved.