Instrucciones de montaje

Designed Dropzone Commander - ColorED

Air and Space Museum (DZ01)

Office Building (DZ02)

Corporation Building (DZ03)

Twin Pyramids (DZ04)

City Hotel (DZ05)

Skyscraper (DZ06)

Designed for Malifaux - ColorED

Train Station (MF006)

Train Halt (MF007)

Swamp walkway Set (MF008)

Swamp Cottage (MF009)

Railway Prop Set (MF010)

Circus Stage (MF011)

Circus Entrance (MF012)

Circus Stand Set (MF013)

Big Top Stage (MF014)

Passage of Terror (MF 015)

Circus Wagon Set (MF016)

Circus Prop Set (MF017)

Downtown Building ColorED (MF018)

The Tower ColorED (MF019)

Graveyard Set ColorED (MF020)

Sewers Walkway Set ColorED (MF021)

Downtown Walkway Set ColorED (MF022)

Designed for SAGA - ColorED

Two Storey Medieval Dwelling (SA01)

Medieval Dwelling (SA02)

Pit-house (SA03)

Defensive Wall (SA04)

Medieval Bridges (SA05)

Arab Village Entrance (SA06)

Two-Story Dwelling (SA07)

Desert Building (SA08)

Desert Dwelling With Stairs (SA09)

Desert Dwelling (SA10)

Fukei designed for Kensei - ColorED

Pergola (FK021)

Shrine Gate (FK022)

Torii and Bridge (FK023)

Feudal Dwelling Set (FK024)

Dojo (FK025)

Horse Stable (FK026)

Castle Gate (FK027)

Castle Wall (FK028)

Romon (FK029)

Sanmon Gate (FK030)

Sumi Tower (FK031)

Yagura (FK032)

Post Apocalypse - ColorED

The Caravan (PA001)

Diner (PA002)

Old Barn (PA003)

Power Station (PA004)

Rusty Barricades (PA005)

Designed for Infinity - ColorED

Simple Module (INF032)

Simple Module 2 Doors (INF033)

Double Module (INF034)

Walkway Set (INF035)

Curved Modular Building (INF036)

Modular Building Set (INF037)

Armory (INF038)

Star Motel (INF039)

Suburb Building (INF040)

Yellow Building (INF041)

YJ Shopping Centre (INF042)

Sushi Corner (INF043)

Bridge and Stairway Set (INF044)

L-Shapped Platform (INF045)

Medium Platform (INF046)

Large Platform (INF047)

Ramps and Stairways Set (INF048)

TME Containter Set (INF049)

TME Prop Set (INF050)

Designed for Infinity

TAG Hangar (INF021)

TME Corridor - Simple Module (INF022)

TME Corridor - Double Module (INF023)

TME Corridor - Cross Intersection Module (INF024)

TME Corridor - 3-Way Intersection Module (INF025)

TME Corridor - Corner Intersection Module (INF026)

TME Corridor - Stairway Module (INF027)

TME Corridor - Operations Room (INF028)

TME Corridor - Elevation Set (INF029)

TME Corridor - Intersection Set (INF030)

TME Corridor - Corridor Set (INF031)

Designed for Malifaux

Downtown Building

The Tower

Graveyard Set

Downtown Walkway Set

Sewers Walkway Set

Old West

Old West Building 01

Old West Building 02

Old West Building 03

Old West Building 04

Old West Building 05

Old West Building 06



Two-Storey Building

Semi-Detached Building



EWAR 28 ColorED

EWAR56 Townhouse

EWAR57 Two-storey Building

EWAR58 Semi-detached Building

EWAR59 Grocery

EWAR60 Warehouse

EWAR61 Saint Mère Église

EWAR 15 ColorED

EWAR62 - Townhouse

EWAR63 - Two-storey Building

EWAR64 - Semi-detached Building

EWAR65 - Grocery Store

EWAR66 Saint Mère Église

EWAR67 - EWAR Building Set (EWAR62-EWAR63-EWAR64-EWAR65)